Programmatic media for the connected age

Programmatic investment continues to be a driving factor of media growth in the Australian market, but with any maturing industry comes with its challenges.


Brands need to be cognisant of things like brand safety, arbitrage, and the evolving rules and standards around tracking. 


We have designed our programmatic solution to meet these challenges head-on, and be ready for both the present and future.

Channels and environments

We provide brands access to trustworthy, safe, and relevant inventory through publisher partnerships and curated sites and apps on the open exchange.

On-demand and streaming video

Premium streaming apps from trusted broadcasters, across all screens from mobile to connected TV.

Web and in-app display and video

Inventory across tier 1 local and global media owners, including news publishers, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

Native display and video

Incorporate your brand into a publisher’s feed for discoverability and to increase traffic.

Custom inventory curation

Your business is unique and has its own requirements. As such we can develop custom inventory and creative serving solutions to meet your needs.

Designed for a cookie-less world

We integrate all bidstream data into your first party analytics and use server-side tracking to allow for deep attribution measurement methodologies while respecting users’ tracking status across the web.


By building our stack from the start to operate on S2S tracking, this allows attribution measurement across all channels and environments – connected TV to web to mobile in-app.

Removing the hidden fees to get more of your budget on working media

It is estimated that anywhere from 15 to 50% of programmatic investment is lost to DSP fees, agency markups, and commissions on top of an agency’s service fee.


As we trade through an in-house bidder on dedicated server infrastructure, we do not need to pass through platform fees that would otherwise reduce your effective investment. We do not apply any markups to your investment – agency fees are disclosed upfront and all other investment goes to working media.

Custom bidding, fit for your business

Beyond our DSP’s standard bidding strategies, custom algorithms can be developed and tailored to your businesses’ specific needs and goals.


Bidstream and conversion log data can be augmented with your unique first-party datasets, ran through machine learning systems and ingested back into the DSP to inform what we bid on, and at the value that is right for you.

Use our ready to go technology, or integrate your own

Clients have immediate access to Prism’s adserving, tracking, and viewability infrastructure from day one. However, all clients have the flexibility to use their own solutions if desired.


We support adserving tags from virtually any vendor that uses current standards, and can onboard any third party measurement add-ons that you require.