Connected solutions to elevate your brand

Prism works to make relevant, valuable brands that succeed in the connected age.

We achieve this by applying the fundamentals of data science with the intuition of human expertise. Everything we do is guided by data while being rooted in human truth.

Media planning and buying

Transparent, channel-agnostic paid media solutions that work for your brand.

Consulting solutions

Enabling greater sophistication and self-sufficient in-house marketing capability.

Truly independent

Prism is completely independent in its incorporation and ownership, and operates on a true neutral model for all services.

As we are not tied to the desires of shareholders or holding companies, we have the freedom to advise clients on the media channels, technology platforms, and complimentary partners that are right for their business needs.

Nimble, cloud-based operations

If we’ve learned anything in this new decade, it’s that many historical agency overheads are unnecessary.


Prism operates a cloud-based workforce, unlocking access to talent regardless of where they are located, reducing overheads that would typically be passed on to clients, and enabling 24×7 campaign management.